Bring light into your life

Through self-acceptance we open our lives to endless possibilities. It brings healing, elevation, and clarity.

There is a funny thing about self-acceptance... Yes it brings healing, elevation, and clarity. Many times, however, when people think of self-acceptance, they only ponder the wonderful things they have yet to accept about themselves.

“ This means accepting that you may have broken hearts too; accepting that you also may have wronged a few along the way as well.”

I find that self-acceptance also includes accepting the ugly parts of your being. This is not to mean physical attributes that you despise although you were born with them; i.e. a big butt, small breast, or a big head. This means accepting that you may have broken hearts too; accepting that you also may have wronged a few along the way as well. Self-acceptance also means forgiving yourself for the hurt you caused the right person that unfortunately came at the wrong time. Self-acceptance at its simplest means to accept yourself and practice unconditional love: love of self, self-worth, and self-care.

Self acceptance is a big hurdle for many. It's hard to forgive others. However, what I find with the people I talk to, the executives I consult, and the people that I mentor, is that it's even harder for them to practice forgiveness of self. Today is your day for change, growth, and renewal, all of which are unleashed when you begin to practice self-acceptance.

Originally published August 2016; Edited December 2017

Dr. Sheika Square

As an Empowerment Expert, Author, Professional Speaker, and with over 10 years of experience in Leadership, Administration, & Business, Dr. Sheika Square is one of this generations pioneering leaders and captivating speakers. Along with the knowledge to make solutions and resolutions elucidated, Dr. Sheika Square’s ability to penetrate her audience and move them to action is unparalleled. Her work as a financial consultant and mentor/leader in the fields of Business and Education adds to her ability to disseminate unique messages. Dr. Square has worked with Dillard University’s DUFIT, the Urban League, Dillard University, BREC, STEM NOLA, Louisiana State University, the University of New Orleans, and more… putting her skills as a leader and educator to use.

After over a decade in education, finance, and leadership, Dr. Square launched Priority Writing Approach, LLC in an attempt to foster the growth she desperately desires in others. Today, with fascinating and enlightening antidotes, Dr. Sheika Square speaks to groups on topics that offer insight into self and/or organizational maneuvering.

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