Spirituality and Affluence


The Successful Business Leader’s Mindset 


November 16th | New Orleans 

The Retreat


In this one-day, women only retreat, learn techniques from Master Strategist, Dr. Sheika Square, and Spiritual Life Coach and Performer, Sunni Patterson, that will secure more abundance in your bank account, and take every facet of your life to another plane.

The Sessions

Full Day Retreat (8: 30 am -8:00pm)


Breakfast (Included)

Session 1. Spirituality 

Session 2. Affluence 

Lunch (Catered, Included)

Session 3. Success 

Session 4. Mindset

Dinner (Catered, Included)

On-site Networking and Partnership/Friendship Building


The Impact

Taking the opportunity to learn how having higher order thinking, universal openness, and unwavering focus can expand your business and change your life, helps you to evolve in every area of your being, your business, your finances, and your relationships. 



New Orleans native and visionary, Sunni Patterson, is a highly sought after and internationally acclaimed Performer, Lecturer, Workshop Facilitator, and Certified Life Coach. As a diligent student in the Healing and Spiritual Arts, she deliberately uses Art and Culture as tools to recognize, address, and eliminate all forms of oppression. Currently, Sunni serves as a Resident Artist for both the City of New Orleans’ Claiborne Corridor Cultural Initiative and Junebug Productions of New Orleans. She is also co-founder (with Cherelle Blazer) of Environmental Arts and Public Health Organization, Breath is Lyfe. 

Latoye Brown

CEO, Audubon Charter

"Dr. Square's positivity and insight are inspiring. My team and I have enjoyed our journey with her."

Melanie Deffendall

Director, Irma Thomas Women Center at Delgado Community College

“Dr. Square met with the students enrolled in our Women's Empowerment Program and she was wonderful!  The students left buzzing and excited. She related well to our students and they were anxious to read her book. 
Any university looking to empower their students cannot go wrong with her.”

Lester Love

Bishop of The City of Love

“Many people don’t understand that they need to enhance their brand. I thought I was good at it, then I met Dr. Sheika Square. She is an incredible Brand Enhancer for organizations, churches, and individuals.”

ABOUT Dr. Square

The road to success is not always painless, but for me it was always possible. I am Dr. Sheika Square Empowerment Expert, Author, Organizational Strategist, Business Coach, and iHeart Radio Personality. I have been in abusive relationships, I have had family members and friends spread rumors about me, I am a single mother, yet I am a three-time business owner, a double published author, I have been featured at the Essence Festival, and I have my own Empowerment Segment on iHeart Radio.

I believe having beauty in your life is possible, regardless of how your life started. Join me on this journey to Power, Healing, and Purpose, and let’s change your life together.

Melika Honore

CEO, Honore Consultants

"I've done coaching sessions with Dr. Square, for about 3 years now, and its changed my life and my business"

Brittany Nelson

Fit Wit Britt, CEO

“Sometimes when you are not ready mentally, it is hard to change physically. Dr. Sheika Square, my personal life coach, helps my clients get back to where they want to be and helps them feel better on the inside.”

Latoye Brown

CEO, Audubon Charter

"Dr. Square's positivity and insight are inspiring. My team and I have enjoyed our journey with her."

 No call/No Show will result in no refunds. 
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